Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to the Florida Ridge Air Sports Park Blog

Here at the Ridge we are looking forward to the upcoming Rob Kells competition this April 17.

With all the top pilots attending plus all the new sport pilots that have signed up, this year's comp will be the largest competition held here at the Ridge. 

Along with all the pilots converging here for both the Rob Kells and he Flytec Race and Rally, we will also have about 30 PG Pilots here for the 4th Annual Spring fling starting April 25th. So it will be a Great gathering of those magnificently crazy guys with their flying machines.

We are doing our best to have the grass greenner, the sky bluer and the thermals fatter.  All kidding aside, there are some improvements from last year, main one being a real restroom.

Other stuff going on during the comp:
- Mike Barber doing a XC clicnic Friday the 16 and Saturday the 17.
- There will be Wills Wing gliders to demo.
So hopefully we will see you here at the Comp!

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